Monday, March 18, 2013

Mix up that routine with little adjustments to daily activities

Low-impact, fun exercises to mix up your routine

  • Dance like nobody’s watching.  That’s right, bust a move and don’t care how ridiculous you look.  In fact, the more ridiculous you look by flailing arms and legs, the more flexibility and calorie burning you’re doing.  So put on some upbeat tunes and go wild!
  • Walk around like a ballerina.  Try walking on the balls of your feet or doing peirouttes when you reach for something.  You’ll work on your balance, flexibility, and feel like a real star.
  • Act frazzled.  You know when you see people going in and out of a room or aisle of the grocery store?  And they can never seem to remember what they needed or maybe they keep forgetting something else from the same place?  Be that person (at home! Bonus points if you feel good enough to do it in public…you don’t need to talk to yourself though).  If you have to bring stuff to another room of the house, take one thing at a time.  Go back and forth and you’ll easily do quadruple the amount of walking.  You can also leave your phone in a different room so that you have to keep moving the check it…it also might help give you a break from technology.
  •  Pretend you’re Jackie Chan.  Find a nice open place in your home and bust out some karate moves.  They don’t have to be “real,” but they should get you moving and even work up a sweat.  PLUS, you’ll be relieving stress if you pretend to be kicking the ass of someone or thing you can’t stand.
  • Plant a garden. And maintain it.  If you can’t have your own garden, do a garden share or volunteer at a local greenhouse.  You’ll be getting outdoors, filling up on sunlight (free Vitamin D!), producing pretty and/or nutritious things, and working with the earth which may help you feel more at peace.  Little things like weeding, planting, and transporting soil and plants actually forces you to stretch, lift, and tone more than most gym routines.
  •  Play with your kids.  Go for walks with them, play catch, house, soccer, and teach them to ride bikes.  You’ll be getting quality time in with your family, showing your kids that exercise is not only important, but fun, and getting a great workout.
  • Yoga.  Find free videos or charts online and do some stretches and poses in the comfort of your home.  Wear comfy, loose fitting clothes and do as much or as little as you like.  Focusing on breathing to calm down and help regulate your heartbeat and rhythms of your body
  • Cook like Emeril.  BAM!  Put some new moves and dances into your cooking.  Bonus for cooking healthy foods and working up a sweat while doing it.  Use fun words and expressions while you're cranking out delicious things.

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