Saturday, March 9, 2013


I love to HIIT it!  HIIT is high-intensity interval training.  What I love about it is that you can do it for 4 minutes or 40.  Some days, I can only do 10, but other days I push it to 20.

Here's the basics:

  • Do a simple, manageable activity like walking at a comfy pace.
  • Warm yourself up by doing this after stretching for a good 1-2 minutes.  If you're new to it, you might want to take longer to work yourself up.
  • For one minute...yes just one minute, do that same exercise as fast as you can.
  • After this minute, take one or two minutes and do a "recovery" period of that same manageable activity.  
  • Then HIIT it and push yourself for another minute and then take another minute for recovery.  Do this in intervals for as long as you can.

Here are the benefits:

  • It works your muscles so much more than a moderate, continuous pace so you end up burning as much, if not more fat in soooo much quicker.
  • You work your body harder so that you actually burn fat for the NEXT 24 HOURS!

You can look up all kinds of specifics about what to do...push your oxygen intake..blah blah..the thing to do is push yourself as hard as you can for one minute and then rest while still moving for one minute.

I was doing 3mph walking and 5mph run/jog.  5 started to feel easier, so I HIIT it up to 6mph.  This means that if I do 20 minutes of HIIT, I end up running a full mile and walking a half mile.  ITS CRAZY!!!  ME?  Running a MILE???!!!

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