Friday, December 6, 2013

Juicing: Day One

Today is the first day of juicing.  I should mention that we're doing a modified juicing diet.  We're having Greek yogurt or a handful of almonds in the morning to get our protein, and drinking herbal tea throughout the day.   

So far today, I've had a Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt cup and some green tea.  For lunch, I'm going to have a smoothie: beets, tomatoes, carrots, frozen strawberries and blueberries, ginger root.  For dinner, I'll have true juice made with the Jack LaLanne juicer.  I'm waiting for my wife to use the juicer with me since we have to rinse it out and let it completely dry after each use.  Plus, I like to have a little fiber today instead of going full cold turkey. 

Yesterday, I finished some french onion dip we had in the fridge with a handful of fritos.  Within an hour, I had a migraine that lasted 10 hours and didn't respond to medication.  My wife has had a wicked cold for over a week now.  She's stuck to mostly juice...a lot of that is just her work situation; she doesn't have enough time to eat or drink during the day and works in a lab that doesn't allow anything, even water, in.  We're hoping she feels better soon...though she's not contagious, we want her to be in good health for when we donate platelets this weekend.  She tends to have a lower iron count, but I think the juicing will help raise that.

Today's starting weight: 212

What I want out of juicing:
  • Be healthier
  • Lose weight (ideally 20-30 pounds)
  • A full reboot so that the rest of the weight will come off easier
  • Less headaches
  • Less painful monthly friend
  • Improved health and immunity during cold and flu season
  • Increased energy
  • Possibility of helping bipolar disorder by eating all natural foods without chemicals or additives
  • New lifestyle to hopefully promote a healthy pregnancy in a couple of years
  • Role model for others who are unhealthy to make a change

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